Note - Change in time

St John Vianney's Primary School began in 1960 and has grown from an enrolment of 40 pupils to its current size of approximately 180 students. Over the past 50 years many children have received a Catholic education at our school.

In 2010 we will celebrate our 50th anniversary. Please press on this link to take you to a calendar of yearly events.


Our Open Day will be held on Sunday 17th October from 10am – 1pm at St John Vianney School, Brisbane Terrace, Parkdale East. We would like to have old photos or items on display that may be of interest to the past and present school community. Class, sports, religious or any photos /items are being sought. Photos sent electronically is our first preference, however we will gratefully accept any items at the school office or by mail from the beginning of July. Please mark these clearly with a name and contact number to enable a safe return.

If you can assist with the above requests or would like to contribute ideas or offer assistance, or require further information, please email the address below or make contact with the school.

St John Vianney School
Brisbane Terrace
Parkdale East 3195
Phone: 03 95805812